Introduction to NLP

Personalised 6 week program

Why do this course?

Tailored around your personal short & long term goals, this program will help transform your understanding of mind-body conditioning.

I designed my 6-week training program to give you an introduction to NLP and apply new toolkits to achieve optimal performance in your business & life.

The program consists of 4 stages to help assist in the journey of self-healing and build awareness of the unconscious habits that limit our well-being so we can rewire our mind & nervous system.

The Stages of The Program

Stage 1: Awareness

Stage 1 will involve awareness of your unconscious & conscious blocks that block your sense of alignment within yourself and your goals. At the beginning stages of the programme, we will focus on overcoming limiting belief systems so we can let go of negative storylines and work on the root of all your fears.

Stage 2: Clarity

We would have worked with most of your fears at this stage and challenged your limiting beliefs. The focus of stage 2 is to work on understanding the difference between desire & fear to achieve clarity in your motives to recreate an exciting new reality.

Stage 3: Strategy

As personal blocks often overlap with your professional development. This stage is all about value alignment and optimising routines to achieve balance to thrive and feel satisfaction as you make your new moves.

Stage 4 : Routine Implementation

Once we work on your performance-enhancing routines. Your self-awareness & ability to strategize will be enhanced, so at this stage, our sessions will be purely result-focused to make sure we have established a steady rhythm and you have self-accountability in your healing.


“I am grateful that Cristina came into my life when she did. Her postivity and joy are contagious. She was able to pivot my outlook on the world and help me deal with certain fears and anxieties. Still working on my triggers everyday. Thanks to her it’s a little easier to diffuse them. ”

Alanna, Girl Boss

“ The coaching received and the work I did with Cristina this past year delivered real time change and progress for me – both personally & professionally. She’s an incredibly gifted facilitator , deeply knowledgeable & works with emergence in a way that allows you to lean and take responsibility for your growth & development even when it may feel scary ”

Jamie , Hyper Island

“ To me, Cristina is the unicorn of the therapy and coaching world. Cristina applies a unique and powerful combination of Science and Spirituality in her work. She supports and guides her client in a highly professional yet soulful manner.
We worked together for 6 weeks, and I will miss our sessions greatly. I wouldn’t hesitate to endorse Cristina to anyone in my circle. She may just be the coach that could help you to transform your life, she was for me.

Sarah , Symbol Business & Founder of The Radiant Mother Community

“ Cristina is an inspiring, intuitive and very skilled coach. She combines her excellent professional competence along with her personal qualities that she conveys to who works with her, including enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude towards any kind of challenge could show up.I am currently working with her to set up my online business.Cristina has a natural gift that always allows her to change my perspective from: “I cannot do this because I am not prepared enough” to “I have all the qualities and resources to my disposition and I am able to reach my goals and overcome obstacles “. During my sessions with her I always feel comfortable, uplifted and supported when I have to unlock my limiting beliefs.In my opinion, Cristina summarises all the qualities that a valid coach must have.”

Elisabetta , Theta Healer & Spritual Entrepreneur

“ I am so grateful to have worked with Cristina. She helped me rewire! During our sessions, we uncovered new ways for me to challenge myself and break old habits that weren’t serving me any longer. Her breathing techniques were a game changer, thank you!”

Mimi, Facebook