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3 Practical ways to build self-trust

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Self-doubt and and a lack of confidence is always the main theme when we are changing the way we lead our lives. So today I am going to teach you how to build self-trust. 

To win at starting a new venture or new career or life path you need to believe in your abilities to be successful at whatever you are choosing to do.

Many things can get in the way from societal expectations, parental pressure, and / or simply being surrounded by people that “don’t get it.”

So I am going to be the first person to tell you the importance of staying true to yourself and your vision, and it always starts with trust.

So let’s go over 3 simple tools you can use to achieve: 

– More self-trust

– Increase self-confidence

– Conviction of your belief system

They will help you: 

– Understand the mind-body connection. 

– Give you New ways to deal with mental anxiety & spiraling. 

– Give you the power to become your own self-healer.


Let’s begin…

1. Observe your thoughts

Why do you believe everything that you think? Don’t allow yourself to fall into negative thought patterns and you can do this by challenging your own narrative so whenever you catch yourself thinking in destructive ways you can challenge your way out of it. 

A good question I like to personally pose to myself is “according to who?” as it helps me understand which thoughts actually belong to me or may have been picked up by subconscious mind.

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2. Prepare a personal script

If you overshare too much about what you are building and where you want to go you can become a victim to other people’s opinions and projected fears. Think about how you want to talk about this new transition in your life so you feel in control of yourself when sharing it with the world. So many people overlook this.

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3. Practice affirmations

These should be unique to you and your process but there is so much power in affirming trust in yourself by having a daily mantra to give your mind the right job to do and have a focus point. Affirmations are an ancient Tao approach and here are a few of my strongest examples that I use a lot of myself:

1. I am worthy of achieving my dreams. 

2. I am proud of who I am and am becoming. 

3. I trust that I am provided for.

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What's Next?

These 3 practical methods will help you not only build self-trust but allow you to share your new cycle with confidence.

Please don’t forget to let me know how these methods have benefitted you by replying to my emails and / or direct messaging me on Instagram

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