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Neuro-performance coaching | London

Neuro-performance is a brain-based coaching method. 

As a specialist, I use neuroscience-based toolkits to help improve performance in business and overall wellbeing.

The foundation of my training methods involve Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques. NLP was founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, through their fascination with human excellence which inspired them to model behavioural patterns of selected geniuses.  They studied how some the best communicators in the world got their results and packaged their learnings into ‘NLP’ models –  that will transform your world.

NLP is also used for personal development and for success in business and executives. It can provide you with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field.

A key element of NLP is that we form our unique internal mental maps of the world as a product of the way we filter and perceive information absorbed through our five senses.

There are two types of rewiring techniques – Classic & New Code – both of which I combine to create new high performance states.

Classic Code NLP

In the Classic Code of NLP, the client consciously selects the resource to overcome & re-programme specific behaviours in specific situations.

New Code NLP

In the New Code we work with unconscious processes to bring about new changes triggered by state change over behavioural change. Unconscious processes when properly organised and constrained produce deep, long-term ecological changes circumventing the limitations of consciousness.

Who I’ve worked with

Tech founders

Ambitious creatives

Social Media Influencers

Business executives

What I can help with 

Creative blocks, lack of energy and motivation to excel 

Letting go of  life/love & work relationships

Not functioning at optimal health

Heart-break & divorce

Career changes and the urges to begin new ventures

Parental ego’s & teens

Corporate Trainings

In partnership with The Applied Innovation Institute
Innovative mindset training

To address the following questions for HR :
– Do you find that you would like your staff to be more creative & entrepreunerial in how they work? To be more comfortable with uncertainty in the digital & post-corona age?
– What do you think your staff sees in uncertainty? Opportunity or fear?

Client Management & Sales

Focused around client account management & training sales forces to be more effective. Today’s sales force doesn’t only needs to be good at selling but good at engaging clients in strategic discussions to influence their buying behaviour.

Emerging tech trends:

Many of today’s financial & professional staff like basic knowledge of emerging technologies. This is sometimes a challenge when speaking to clients about start-ups or existing trends in the stock market. We have a basic set of workshops that go from introduction to emerging technologies to advanced topics like AI, blockchain, big data, cyber-security & machine learning.

We have an extensive list of workshops that also use the share of wallet methodology to help teams sell more effectively in the digital age.


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