How I Work

Coaching with Cristina

My goal as a Neuro-performance coach is to help my clients from all walks of life unlock their full potential to become leaders in their work and personal lives. I have studied the human condition for over 7 years and applied it to my own career as an investor and founding partner of OYA. I have worked with clients from Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and other regions in Europe.


  • International Coaching Certification
  • Classic Code NLP
  • New Code NLP  – Trained with Micheal Carroll, John Grinder & Carmen Bostic St.Clair (the Co-creators of NLP)
  • BS Psychology

I am available for daily follow-up. I don’t believe in co-dependency and like to give my clients the tools they need for self-application.

As well as combining both Classic & New Code NLP, I like to incorporate martial arts, meditation & transcendental breathing into my sessions. All I ask from you is to trust the process so we can make effective changes in your life.

Improvement | NLP Performance Coach | London


“Days following our session, I’ve been feeling waves of new energy, igniting me to take career actions. Cristina managed to unblock me and change my old habits, which led me to pursue opportunities I’ve never felt I was capable for. And for that I’d like to thank Cristina.”

Aleksandra, Marketing Executive

“I felt at ease with Cristina. She pushed my boundaries in our session and challenged me to think and act in ways that were completely new to me. ”

Alex Dundston, Saatchiinvest

“I left elated, feeling that I could confidently tackle difficult situations that would ordinarily have gotten me down and made me react in a way that I would have regretted retrospectively. I also came away with “takeaway” exercises that I could tap into if I ever felt like it was happening again. Genuinely such a great experience, I’d highly recommend anyone and everyone to have a session with Cristina.”

Kate, The Economist

“Cristina’s creative flair, paired with her extensive knowledge really radiates through her coaching. I felt waves of emotions, manifesting physically too. Eureka moments.”

Artemiz, Brand Consultant

“My session with Cristina was transformational. In just one hour she was able to guide me to the root cause of a feeling of unworthiness that originated in childhood trauma. Her calm, grace & wisdom truly shine through her practice. I will definitely be working with her again.”

J.P, Tech founder

“She was both firm yet gentle, and I felt very safe and comfortable in her presence and working with sensitive material with her. The exercises we did were very effective in their simplicity and I’ve been able to practice them day-to day since. I would absolutely recommend Cristina!”

Georgia, Psychiatrist

“I came to Cristina for coaching and support at a pivotal time in my life as I was making a major career transition. Cristina provided me with a suite of useful tools to assist me during this moment of change. It is like she waved a magic wand and all that I asked for came true. Such gratitude for her wisdom and guidance.”

Stephanie, Accenture

“I appreciated Cristina’s uplifting attitude, creativity & desire to facilitate positive changes in as few sessions as possible. I’d recommend Cristina to anyone facing high-pressure high-stake situations in their daily activities; to people who are goal-oriented and are ready to create lasting changes fast.”

Katrin, Career Passion Coach
Founder of Evolve Quest

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