Mind Retreat : Healing Through Self-Love

Discover the power of your heart

Why Do This Course?

Self-love is a powerful healer. I consider Love to be the most powerful force in the universe to heal the inner psyche and to connect to our most authentic selves.

This mind retreat consists of 4 personalised sessions to help you re-establish a new relationship with your heart and understand the power of self-love.  Together we will work on exploring your conscious mental blocks, before introducing powerful visualisation tools & the power of surrender.

Who is this designed for?

 For anybody interested in being their own healer, deepening their understanding of the self with science-based knowledge of our “heart brain”.

Introducing: Healing Through Self-Love

Exploring Self-expression

How we express our love towards others is directly related to how we feel love towards ourselves. Together we will explore appreciation of the self and your personal relationship with self-love. We will discuss any patterns you have identified in your personal & professional relationships and work on breaking down limiting beliefs towards giving & receiving love. 


In order to allow for love to flow in our self-expression we need to understand the power of desire and be specific about what we want to manifest in our lives using feeling-based techniques. By managing our internal state, we can create space for our external reality to line up with our desires. In order to do this successfully we must also understand how to trust the timing of the present moment and detach from our desires & open our hearts to receive.


After exploring detachment & the law of attraction we can then focus on the visual practice. Through powerful meditation & breathing techniques, I will guide you on how to tune into the power of love and work with opening your heart to receive the love you desire. 


Letting go is a big part of our evolution. We will work on prioritising how to let go of expectations of what we want to create for ourselves and surrender to the present moment in all that we do. To end our retreat we will review all the new tools we have learnt with the intention of fully letting go of our past storylines and future projections.