Neuro-performance for Career Growth

Mind Retreat

Why do this mind retreat?

We live in a constantly changing world. The tech world has reinvented many traditional industries which will now be tested by a pandemic and modern-day recession. As the world has been put on hold, we are given the opportunity to re-evaluate our motives & the role we want to play within it through the work that we are doing.

Who is this designed for?

This mind retreat is designed for ambitious workers & aspiring founders.

The program consists of 6 personalised sessions to help you re-establish a new relationship with your career. Whether you are thriving in your career and want to enhance your performance in your current role, or feel like you want to take a new direction to focus your energy on new ventures.

NLP for Career Growth 

Personal Motives

We will work on evaluating your motives towards achieving success. We will do this by breaking down your personal definition of success and explore where you find satisfaction within your work flow. By evaluating your motives, we can identify what drives you and explore how you find purpose within your work.


Ego plays a big role in how we identify with ourselves & our goals. We will work on taming our ego-states and review the patterns of our ego fixations that block us from performing at our best. This will also help us identify your professional & personal strengths so we can build around your strongest abilities & talents. 

Curating our findings

Once we deepen your awareness of your personal value & belief systems, we will start mapping out neuro-performance strategies for you to implement into your work. We will focus on how best to optimise your performance and maintain “flow states” in your tasks in order to successfully achieve your short & long term goals.

Take Action 

We will then focus on committing fully to your goals. Taking thorough action in how you apply these strategies towards achieving success and take accountability for all your actions to improve & enhance your performance. We will also focus on maintaining a “high-performance” mindset throughout the training to never fall victim to circumstance.