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3 Powerful Methods to overcome mental blocks

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By the end of this express masterclass, you will have learned 3 powerful methods to overcome mental blocks to help you regain balance and inspiration in your ventures

These are 3 effective neuro-performance exercises that I personally love to teach my clients and also use in my own life.

They will help you: 

– Understand the mind-body connection. 

– Give you New ways to deal with mental anxiety & spiraling. 

– Give you the power to become your own self-healer.

The main reason I do this work is to empower your self-healing abilities. 

1. The Tongue Drop

This is an NLP technique that will immediately help stop your internal dialogue and mind chatter if you feel like your mind is busy. 

Try it with me right now and you will see for yourself.

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2. Full Body Shake Off

The power of shaking off your body can be extremely powerful to release manifested tension in the body from both our conscious and subconscious thoughts.

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3. The Thumb Hold

This is known as a very powerful acupressure trick because if you are familiar with Chinese medicine everything is connected. If you feel your mind is racing and you can’t stop worrying. 

Loosely hold your thumb in the palm of your hand, so your hand is wrapped around the whole thumb and taking deep connected breaths. 

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What's Next?

These 3 powerful methods will help you not only overcome mental blocks but allow you to release tension from the interconnected physical body.

Please don’t forget to let me know how these toolkits have benefitted you by replying to my emails and / or direct messaging me on Instagram!

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