Thrive to Survive

4-week mind retreat

Why Do This Mind Retreat?

‘Thrive to Survive’ is a 4-week intensive course that will help support you as the world undergoes tremendous change. Covid-19 has challenged our reality as we know it and in many ways can be our biggest teacher. In this program we will work with understanding the power of thought manifestations and maintaining a positive outlook towards your goals.

This 4-week intensive course is carefully designed to help shift your mindset, confront your fears and find comfort in uncertainty as we enter a “new earth” phase.

The course consists of 4 personalised sessions to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and understand the power of ‘changing your story’ to find opportunity in chaos regardless of your circumstances.

Who is this designed for?

Whether you are an established CEO, a hustling entrepreneur, or an ambitious creative who needs guidance.  This course is designed for anybody who is willing to learn about the way we wire information so we can change our perspective and shift our outlook to maintain our inner peace. Whether you have been laid off, have had to fire your team, had to pivot your business, or simply feel fearful of the future. 

We are all experiencing change through having to have lived in confinement and adapt our daily routines, which can make us feel out of control and respond impulsively to negative emotions.

Introducing ‘Thrive To Survive’ 

Fear Confrontation 

Fear is the enemy. It doesn’t serve your growth or your well-being and most of the time all that we fear is a result of a self-created illusion. Whether you feel fearful of your past, present or future. We will work with the unconscious to confront any fears that are challenging your growth, and do so with full awareness & acceptance.

Rewiring your story 

Our thoughts hold tremendous power over our present & future manifestations. Together we will work on observing the inner dialogue in order to become aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, especially with regards to how we are defining our current reality. 

Own your story. Own your life.

Perspective Shift 

After working with thought energy and identifying where we are limiting ourselves, we can then focus on introducing new stories. Using powerful techniques to rewire our nervous system with our mind. I will teach you how to create powerful state shifts via breathing, visualisation, and movement techniques.

Ritual Optimisation

Being disciplined with this new knowledge, we will shift our focus on you becoming the master of self-application, so you can own your state & your story. You will understand the power of being your own guide when you are challenged, understanding that you decide how you want to feel at any given moment, along with how you can effectively ‘break your state’.