Unlock Your ‎‏‎‏‏‎ ‎Superhuman ‎ Potential

Helping Business Leaders /  Founders Achieve Mental Clarity To Transcend To The Next Level In Their Chosen Life Paths

(In just ‎‏‎‏‏‎1 hour per week)‎

without relying on stimulants and luxury retreats


I left elated, feeling that I could confidently tackle difficult situations that would ordinarily have gotten me down and made me react in a way that I would have regretted retrospectively. I also came away with "takeaway" exercises that I could tap into if I ever felt like it was happening again. Genuinely such a great experience, I'd highly recommend anyone and everyone to have a session with Cristina.


It’s important to feel with your growth, right?

Do you feel fulfilled in your potential?

With everything you’ve achieved. On a personal and professional scale. 

There is so much to be proud of

But sometimes you can feel a void and lose your sense of purpose that can take a toll if you’re not paying attention.

Especially when you’re not in alignment with your true desires. 

So I am going to ask you again: 

Do you feel in love with the life that you lead? 

Are you proud of who you are and are becoming?

See, before I began my coaching business

I followed the steps I was given to become successful. I pursued the best creative jobs in the best companies and found myself stuck in every single one. I was working for people who I had no desire to become. 

I was determined to find confidence in my journey and abilities to create the life that I wanted, on MY TERMS.

I began studying high-performing leaders and enrolled as their student.  I became disciplined with my morning routines and spiritual practice. I made it my duty to tune into my power and my gift of helping others heal themselves. 

But it wasn’t an overnight success. 


Because nothing is. 

I was anxious and insecure when I was following the expectations of society and my authority. It was difficult for me to articulate what I needed and get to the root of my resistance. 

I was living out of alignment because I wasn’t owning my own life path. 

On top of that, I felt the pressure to live up to what other people wanted for me, instead of what I wanted. 

Sound familiar?

Do you struggle in communicating your emotional needs? 

Have you been lacking in your routines & spiritual development? 

Has your health been taking a toll?  

Have you been dealing with imposter syndrome? 

Have you been feeling like you’re being held back by your own thoughts?

Have you been escaping your needs by distracting yourself?

I hear you.

It’s crippling and I understand the pain it involves.

I understand that you need guidance. A map. A bridge. A support system.

A proven method to get you from A to B.

So you can truly discover your full potential.

Introducing ‎‏‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎ ‎Transcend‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

A tailor-made program for business leaders / founders in search of mental clarity. Focusing on breaking through mental barriers.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start everyday with a clear direction in life?

This is not a fantasy. It’s within your reach.

Struggle to find purpose in your success and relationships

Your physical, mental & emotional health need work

Lack of understanding who you truly are

Find deeper meaning in your relationships without sacrificing your personal aspirations.

You feel healthier and more energized

You are mentally and spiritually refined. Superhuman.

‎‏‎‏‏‎ ‎RealPeople.‎‏‎‏‏‎ ‎RealStories.‎‏‎‏‏‎ ‎RealResults.

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Let's create your success story

The Process

Every program is tailored around 4 fundamental stages to assist you in breaking through mental barriers.

The goal is to build awareness of your subconscious habits that limit your well-being so we can find a deeper sense of alignment.

<b>Stage 1</b>


We will work with all your mental blocks that limit your sense of alignment. 

The main focus is to help you overcome your limiting belief systems to help you let go of negative storylines. This will help you understand the root of all your fears.


<b>Stage 2</b>

In stage two we work on understanding the difference between desire & fear. This stage is designed to help you achieve clarity in your motives so we can recreate an exciting new reality.

<b>Stage 3</b>
Deeper Alignment

Personal blocks often overlap with your professional development. This stage is all about value alignment and optimising routines. We achieve balance to thrive and feel gratification as new paths open.

<b>Stage 4</b>
Optimize Routines

As we continue to enhance your performance routines - your discernment and ability to plan will improve.

You will finish this stage having achieved self-accountability in your healing.

Wrong for many, right for a few

Unfortunately, Transcend is NOT for everyone.

Fortunately, you can find out.

Hey, I’ll be transparent. 

Due to the in-depth process of my programs, it’s very difficult to work with just everyone and anyone.

So as a way to bridge that gap, I offer all my potential partners, like yourself, the opportunity to engage in a valuable taster session.

The main purpose of the session is to gauge your situation, give you an authentic experience of what Transcend entails and to make sure I’m the right guide for you.

Included with every taster session...

One to one

Every taster session is a personal 1 hour call with me to get a genuine feel for the program and to understand how we can work together

Shift In Awareness

You’ll have a better understanding of your problems and effective approaches you should take to solving them

Recap Package

You’ll receive a comprehensive summary of everything we discussed including valuable content, tips and hacks to help you become assertive in your chosen life path

Wait, there's more...

If we're a good fit - the cost of the taster session goes towards your customised program

And the best part?

If you don't achieve your objective working with me on your program:

I will work with you one-to-one, free of charge, until the agreed upon result is achieved.

Cristina helped me rewire! During our sessions, we uncovered new ways for me to challenge myself and break old habits that weren't serving me any longer. Her breathing techniques were a game changer, thank you!

Look around you for a moment...

The world of ours is so beautiful

And we’re all in it together.

I’m not here to take control of the wheel or tell you what to believe.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to stop. To take a breath.‎‎ To listen to your inner-voice.

To unlock your superhuman potential.

Let’s unlock yours. Book your taster session below.

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